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Programming 8051 microcontrollers in C in practice

Jacek Bogusz

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Author: Jacek Bogusz

ISBN: 83-921073-9-X
Format: B5, 312 pages
BTC publishing house
Warsaw 2005

About the book

The book includes a practical introduction to the world of programming microcontrollers in C language. The book teaches the construction of specific applications through examples - from elementary (eg control of LED or 7-segment LED display) through more complex examples (eg cooperation with matrix keyboard or display control LCD, I2C interface, 1-Wire), up to advanced applications (eg building a multi-level menu, command interpreter or RC5 code decoder). Complete listings and schemes are provided for all examples. The examples in the book have been launched using the popular Raisonance RC-51 compiler for 8051 family microcontrollers. One of the greatest advantages of C is the relatively easy portability of programs to various hardware platforms, so the examples in the book may be the starting point for similar applications using other microcontrollers. The book is intended for all lovers of microprocessor technology who intend to use the C language. A lot of information contained in the book can be useful to students of electronics, automation and IT faculties of technical universities, as well as microprocessor engineers' constructors.

About the author

Jacek Bogusz is an experienced designer of electronic devices. For many years he worked at the Research and Development Center of Radio Reception at the Radio Plant Diora in Dzierżoniów. Currently, he deals in the design of devices equipped with microcontrollers intended for industrial automation systems. Since 1997 he has been cooperating with the monthly Elektronika Praktyczna, in which he has led, among others, courses devoted to the programming of microcontrollers in C language and assembler. He published many articles devoted to the design of modern electronics. He is also the author of the book "Local serial interfaces in digital systems".

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