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Cyfrowe przetwarzanie sygnałów. Praktyczny poradnik dla inżynierów i naukowców (e-book)

Steven W. Smith

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Author: Steven W. Smith
Original title: Digital Signal Processing - A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists
Translation: dr inż. Michał Nadachowski
ISBN: 978-83-60233-18-4
Format: PDF, B5, 622 pages
BTC publishing house
Warsaw - paper edition of 2007.

About the book

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) is one of the most mysterious fields of modern electronics. Everyone we meet with her on a daily basis (even in GPS receivers or MP3 players, DVDs and CDs), but the group of specialists who know exactly "what and how much in DSP squeaks" is relatively narrow.
The cure for the lack of knowledge about DSP is this book. Its author, a renowned constructor of advanced, commercial DSP-based systems, as well as university lecturer and long-time head of research teams in various companies, knowing the problems faced by his students and colleagues, wrote a book almost immediately recognized in the world as the DSP Bible. Its first release was released by Analog Devices and the first commercial edition in 1997. Since then, Digital Signal Processing - A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists is a global bestseller in the field of DSP. An additional confirmation of the recognition enjoyed by the book are its translations into other languages as well as local English-language editions, including in India and China.