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SGP40 VOC Sensor - module with SGP40 air quality sensor

Air quality sensor module based on the SGP40 system. It uses CMOSens® technology by Sensirion and provides information on air quality. Waveshare SGP40 VOC Sensor

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Air quality sensor module based on the SGP40 system. It uses Sensirion's CMOSens® technology and provides indoor air quality information based on volatile organic compounds (VOC) with humidity compensation. Both the sensing element and the VOC algorithm are highly resistant to contaminating gases present in real-world applications, allowing long-term stability as well as low drift. SGP40 communicates via the I2C interface. It can be used to measure emissions from natural gas, cigarette smoke, and emissions from construction work, decoration materials, furniture, household appliances, and then generate digital signals to start air treatment devices. The SGP40 VOC sensor is compact for easy integration with air handling units and air quality monitors. Full documentation with examples of use is available on the Wiki website.


  • Uses the I2C interface (I2C address: 0x59)
  • Response time: up to 10 seconds
  • Ethanol measurement range: 0 to 1000 ppm
  • Operating voltage range: 3.3V / 5V
  • Dimensions: 27 x 20 mm

Kit contains

  • SGP40 VOC Sensor
  • JST PH2.0 4-pin cable