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Grove I2C FM Receiver v1.1 - module with FM receiver

Module with FM receiver RDA5807M. The board is equipped with a Grove connector and communicates via the I2C interface. Seeed Studio 107020049

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Module with FM receiver RDA5807M, which is the latest generation one-chip FM stereo radio tuner with a fully integrated synthesizer. The module supports the RDS/RBDS standard and has a built-in headphone jack. The board is equipped with a Grove connector, so it can be used with the Base Shield V2 and Arduino extension. It communicates via the I2C interface and is supplied with the voltage of 3.3 V or 5 V. Full documentation of the module with examples of use is available on the product page.


  • Supports frequency band: 50 to 115 MHz
  • RDS/RBDS support
  • Digital low-IF tuner
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Audio jack
  • Digital automatic gain control
  • Supply voltage: 3.3 V or 5 V

Kit contains

  • Grove I2C FM Receiver v1.1 module
  • Grove cable