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A set of development boards FRDM-K22F-AGM01

FRDM-K22F-AGM01 is a set of development plates containing a base plate and a board with a set of 9-axis sensors with an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer. FRDM-K22F-AGM01

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FRDM-K22F-AGM01 is a set of plates consisting of a base plate (FRDM-K22F) and extensions with motion sensors (FRDM-STBC-AGM01). The base plate is based on the MK22FN512VLH1 microcontroller, which operates at 120 MHz and has 128 KB RAM and 512 KB Flash memory. On the sensor board, we find the accelerometer and magnetometer layout and a gyroscope, thanks to which the board can perform measurements in 9 axes and then send data via the SPI or I2C interface. The boards are connected through a convenient and popular connector compatible with Arduino Uno Rev 3. The set is an excellent tool for implementing projects using motion sensors also thanks to the wide support in the form of software and examples.

The FRDM-STBC-AGM01 sensor board can also be used with the FRDM-K64F base plate.


FRDM-K22F base plate:

  • MK22FN512VLH12 MCU microcontroller - 120 MHz, 512 KB Flash memory, 128 KB RAM,
  • Dual USB interface with connector
  • FXOS8700CQ - accelerometer and magnetometer
  • Two user buttons
  • Flexible power option - OpenSDAv2.1 USB, K22F USB or external source
  • Easy access to MCU inputs / outputs via Arduino compatible input / output connectors
  • Programmable OpenSDAv2.1 debugging circuit supporting the CMSIS-DAP interface software that provides:
    • Flash memory interface for mass storage (MSD)
    • Interface for debugging CMSIS-DAP via USB HID connection
    • Virtual serial port interface

Sensor board FRDM-STBC-AGM01:

  • 6-axis FXOS8700CQ sensor with accelerometer and magnetometer
  • 3-axis FXAS21002C gyroscope
  • Connector compatible with Arduino Uno Rev 3.


  • Base plate FRDM-K22F
  • Extension with FRDM-STBC-AGM01 motion sensors
  • USB miniUSB cable