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Zumo Reflectance Sensor Array - a module with reflection sensors for a Zumo robot

Matrix module of six reflection sensors for the Zumo robot. The module allows you to easily add line detection or edge detection to the robot. Pololu 1419

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Data sheet

Type of sensorQRE
Output typedigital
Number of sensors6
Power supply voltage2,9 - 5,5 V

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Reflex sensor matrix module for the Zumo robot. The module allows you to easily add line detection or edge detection to the robot. It has six separate sensors, each of which consists of an infrared emitter coupled with a phototransistor. Two external sensors are located on the very edges of the module to maximize their usability as edge detectors, while the four internal sensors are arranged closer together for better line detection.

The sensor matrix module is connected to the Zumo Shield board, which provides power and necessary I/O connections.

Reading procedure

The sensors are connected to the module's digital outputs, and the data reading consists in measuring the capacitor discharge time. The reading procedure for each sensor is as follows:

  1. Turn on the IR LEDs.
  2. Setting the I/O pins of the microcontroller as an output and generating a high state.
  3. Waiting a few microseconds to charge the 1nF capacitor.
  4. Setting I/O pins as inputs (pull up disabled).
  5. Measurement of capacitor discharge time by waiting for I/O lines to go low.
  6. Turn off IR LEDs (optional).

These steps should be performed in parallel for all six sensors. The Zumo Arduino library provides functions for reading sensors and controlling emitters (as well as high-level functions for performing calibrated readings and determining the position of lines), so that the user does not need to program the sequence of steps himself.


  • 6 reflection sensors
  • Digital output
  • Current consumption: 40 mA
  • Dimensions: 66 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 8.1 g

Kit contains

  • Module with reflection sensors
  • 2x12 pin straight male connector
  • 2x12 pin female connector
  • 1x3 straight male connector
  • 1x3 pin male connector
  • Jumper