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Algorithms + data structures abstract data types

Paweł Kotowski

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Author: Paweł Kotowski

ISBN: 83-60233-10-1
Format: B5, 203 pages
BTC publishing house
Warsaw 2006

About the book

Algorithmics is a field of knowledge that in recent decades has provided a wealth of tools to solve various tasks using a computer. The book covers many topics in this field, with particular emphasis on analyzing the effectiveness of the data structures and algorithms used. Basic data structures such as tables, lists and queues are described, as well as more complex ones: trees, mounds, dictionaries and Union-Find storytellers. A separate chapter is devoted to sorting algorithms, from the simplest ones: SelectionSort or BubbleSort, to more complicated ones like QuickSort or position sorting. The algorithms presented in the book were mostly implemented in the form of functions in C ++.

About the author

Dr inż. Paweł Kotowski is a graduate in Computer Science at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology at the Warsaw University of Technology. He obtained the degree of doctor of technical sciences in 1997 at the Faculty of Mechatronics of the Warsaw University of Technology. Currently, he is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Sciences of the Warsaw University of Technology, where he teaches, among others, from algorithms and data structures, computer graphics and CAD / CAM / CAE system design. At the same time, he works as an independent consultant in the design and implementation of information systems. He participated in creating, from the assumptions to implementation, many complex IT projects both at home and abroad. His scientific and research interests include issues related to methods and algorithms of computer graphics, geometric modeling and computer-aided design.

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