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OpenCV 3. Computer image recognition in C ++ using the OpenCV library

Adrian Kaehler, Gary Rost Bradski

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Authors: Adrian Kaehler, Gary Rost Bradski

ISBN: 978-83-283-1656-0
Format: 872 pages
Publisher: Helion

About the book

Computer recognition of images is going through a period of turbulent development today. This is due to the huge popularity of digital cameras, the large number of graphics collected in large online databases, and above all, the more and more perfect image processing algorithms. The OpenCV library has played a major role in the development of this technology, streamlining the work of hundreds of thousands of people. OpenCV 3.x facilitates effective development of projects thanks to a coherent architecture based on C ++, which works perfectly on many platforms.

This book, intended for people who know C ++, is a practical introduction to the OpenCV open version 3.x library. It also contains basic information about computer image recognition, which should facilitate the effective use of this library. The OpenCV library itself has been presented in a way that allows you to get started very quickly. The book facilitates a natural understanding of algorithms, so that designing and debugging applications should not cause problems. In this way, this book becomes a great preparation for exploring more advanced issues of computer image recognition and machine learning.

The most important issues

  • OpenCV library overview and functions included in it
  • Work with image files, movies and data, and transform images
  • Important algorithms for working on images
  • Key points: detection and filtering
  • Three-dimensional vision, movement, position determination
  • Machine learning in OpenCV