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Dimafix - adhesive for 3D printing (Pen 90ml)

Adhesive increasing the adhesion of 3D prints to the glass table. It makes it easier to work with all materials and prevents undesirable curling of the elements. Dimafix Pen 90ml

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Dimafix is an adhesive that increases the adhesion of prints (thermoplastic materials) to the glass table in 3D printers. The agent changes its adhesive properties depending on the temperature - it increases adhesion when the printing table is heated (it activates above 50ºC) and decreases when it cools down, thanks to which the prints can be easily torn off the printer table.

Dimafix provides different values of adhesion between the printed parts and the table depending on the temperature. This is an essential feature of 3D printing and allows you to distinguish four areas of operation where the user can obtain various useful behaviors:

  • Zone 4. Bed temperature from 95°C to 120°C - optimal conditions guaranteeing good print quality in the case of sharp edges and tips. These settings are recommended for printing large and complex items that require long print times.
  • Zone 3. Bed temperature from 75°C to 95°C - conditions guaranteeing good quality of large prints even with the print cooling turned on. These settings are recommended for printing items with a maximum surface area of 200 x 200 mm.
  • Zone 2. Bed temperature from 65°C to 75°C - recommended for straight elements without sharp edges, vertices or complex geometries. Useful for rounded bases, chamfers, curves.
  • Zone 1. Bed temperature up to 65°C - range of loss of adhesion. Printed elements detach from the table automatically.

The glue is in the form of a 90 ml bottle with a sponge ending, which ensures easy and even distribution of the agent on the surface of the 3D printer table.


  • Provides great adhesion between plastic and glass
  • It even works with large ABS parts
  • It can be used for printing with all types of materials
  • The adhesive properties are activated at table temperatures above 50ºC
  • The temperature drop makes the grip effect disappear and the model can be easily torn off the table
  • It is soluble, the printout can be easily cleaned with water
  • Capacity: 90 ml
  • Packaging: pen