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Handbook of VLSI Microlithography

William B. Glendinning, John N. Helbert

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This handbook gives readers a high-resolution integrated circuit (IC) pattern in the optical resonance, including optical lithography, electron beam, ion beam, and x-ray lithography. The book's main theme is the high density IC chip production, especially in the Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) industry.

The book leads off with a comparison of various lithography methods, covering the three major patterning parameters of the line / space, resolution, line and feature feature dimension control. The book is the first and the second most practical solution. The basics of resist technology are completely covered.

Each and every alternative lithographic method is a basic metrology including optical, scanning-electron-microscope (SEM). The editor is devoted to today's sophisticated, complex electron-beam printers, and to the emerging x-ray printing technology now used in high-density CMOS devices. Energetic ion particle printing is a controllable, steerable technology.

Issues and Trends Affecting Lithography Tool Selection Strategy
Resist Technology ù Design, Processing, and Applications
Lithography Process Monitoring and Defect Detection
Techniques and Tools for Photo Metrology
Techniques and Tools for Optical Lithography
Microlithography Tool Automation
Electron-Beam ULSI Applications
Rational Vibration and Structural Dynamics for Lithographic Tool Installations
Applications of Ion Microbeams Lithography and Direct Processing
X-Ray Lithography
Part I
Part II