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NUCLEO-G474RE - starter kit with STM32 microcontroller (STM32G474RE)

NUCLEO series starter kit equipped with STM32G474RE microcontroller (512 kB Flash, Cortex-M4), with built-in programmer-debugger ST-Link-V3E, equipped with connectors compatible with Arduino.

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The Nucleo development kit with the STM32 microcontroller allows you to easily try new solutions and build prototypes. The board is equipped with a connector compatible with Arduino R3, which allows you to connect extensions. shield both those intended for Arduino as well as those specially designed for Nucleo. In addition to the Arduino-compatible connectors, the board has Morpho output pins that give access to all microcontroller pins. The built-in ST-LINK programmer / debugger is a great help, it can operate in three modes: mass storage, virtual COM port or debugger port. The programmer cooperates with many popular programming environments such as IAR, Keil, STM32CubeIDE and others based on GCC.


  • STM32 microcontroller in the LQFP64 housing
  • 1 programmable LED
  • 1 programmable button, 1 reset button
  • Quartz resonator 32.768 kHz
  • Two types of pins one compatible with Arduino R3, the other type Morpho
  • Possibility of power supply via USB or external power supply
  • Built-in ST-LINK programmer / debugger operating in three modes: mass storage, virtual COM port or debugger port
  • Compatibility with free libraries and sample programs available in STM32Cube
  • Compatible with many development environments such as IAR, Keil and others based on GCC

Properties of the microcontroller

  • ARM 32-bit Cortex-M4 core
  • Maximum frequency: 170 MHz
  • ART accelerator
  • Power supply: 1,71-3,6 V
  • Mathematical hardware accelerators:
    • CORDIC for trigonometric functions
    • FMAC for mathematical filtering functions
  • 512 kB of flash memory protected by PCROP
  • 96 kB of SRAM memory, with hardware parity checking for the first 32 kB
  • Four power saving modes: Sleep, Stop, Standby and Shutdown
  • Possibility of direct supply of real-time RTC clock and supporting registers
  • Quartz resonator 4-48 MHz and 32 kHz
  • 52 high-speed I / O ports, of which some tolerate 5 V voltage
  • DMA controller supporting 16 channels
  • 24 analogue-to-digital converters (ADC) with up to 16-bit resolution
  • 7 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with 12-bit resolution
  • 7 super fast comparators
  • 17 counters
  • RTC calendar with alarm and the possibility of waking up the microcontroller from the Stop or Standby state
  • interfaces:
    • 3 x FDCAN
    • 4 x I2C
    • 5 x USART / UART
    • 1 x LPUART
    • 4 x SPI
    • 1 x SAI
    • USB 2.0 full-speed
  • Random number generator (RNG)