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Controller of a large segment display with TPIC6C596 system

The driver with the TPIC6C596 system allows you to control 7-segment displays using three signal lines. Serial connection of controllers is possible. SparkFun WIG-13279

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The 7-segment display driver module with the TPIC6C596 system allows to connect and control the LED segment display via serial signals. Thanks to the connectors on both sides of the module, it is possible to easily connect further modules, creating a huge display of, for example, 6.5 "LED displays. Inputs / outputs are described as GND (Ground), LAT (Latch), CLK (Clock), SER (Serial), 5V (Power supply of the system) and 12V (power supply for 7-segment display - Please note, make sure that the used display accepts 12V).


  • Supply voltage for the module: 5V
  • The ability to connect with subsequent controllers
  • Driver: TPIC6C596


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