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DFRobot Ethernet Shield W5200 V2.1 - Ethernet extension for Arduino

Expansion board based on the Wiznet W5200 Ethernet system. It allows you to easily connect Arduino to an Ethernet network. DFRobot DFR0125

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Ethernet Shield for Arduino is an expansion board based on the Wiznet W5200 system. It allows you to easily connect Arduino to an Ethernet network. To access Arduino via the Internet, simply connect the cable (not included) to the network and follow some simple steps as instructed. The pin layout allows you to connect stacked modules. The plate is equipped with a heat sink for excess heat.

The module will be used in devices such as home network devices (decoder, PVR, digital multimedia center), USB Ethernet (mass storage devices, network printers), security systems (network camera) or embedded server.

Ethernet and SD card have the same SPI interface, can not be operated simultaneously.


  • Support in the form of the official Arduino Ethernet library
  • The W5200 Wiznet provides a network stack (IP) capable of handling TCP and UDP
  • Supports up to four simultaneous connections
  • Ethernet socket
  • Read / write support for the microSD card
  • Ethernet and SD card sharing the SPI interface
  • A standard Arduino-compatible controller that supports Arduino Mega
  • Operating voltage: 5 V