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JTAG Isolator

JTAG galvanic isolator.

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JTAG Isolator is a galvanic isolator of JTAG interface, which protects from electrical damage of device. Cause of damage can be differences in reference potentials in together connected devices (e.g. computer and development board) with JTAG interface.


  • Galvanic isolation of 5-lines JTAG interface
  • Max frequency TCK: 110 MHz (It depends on length of connection cables)
  • Power supply from target device (3...5V)
  • Compatibility with all JTAG interfaces powered by voltage 3...5V
  • Logical levels on Programmer: TTL/TTL-LV
  • Logical levels on Target: TTL-LV
  • Max current consumption: 50 mA
  • Isolation voltage: 750 VAC/1 kVDC
  • Optical signalization of power supply conntection
  • Optical signalization of galvanic battery power supply
  • Embedded connectors:
    • IDC10 – JTAG for PLD (FPGA and CPLD) – complies with programmer Altera ByteBlaster,
    • IDC10 JTAG for AVR microcontrollers,
    • IDC20 – JTAG for ARM microcontrollers and microporcessors,
    • SIP8 – JTAG for PLD (FPGA and CPLD) – complies with programmer Digilent JTAG HS1.
  • Current consumption from +Vp line for programmer: max 10 mA

Kit content

  • assembled module board
  • cable IDC10-IDC10 (30 cm)
  • cable IDC20-IDC20 (30 cm)