1000RPM 6V N20 - miniature gearmotor
  • 1000RPM 6V N20 - miniature gearmotor
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Small metal gear motor, 1000 RPM speed, 6V operating voltage. GA12-N20-0018

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A small motor with a metal gearing with a D-shaped shaft, 3 mm in diameter and approx. 10 mm long. The recommended operating voltage of the motor is 6 V and at this voltage it reaches a speed of 1000 RPM and a maximum torque of 0,11 kg * cm, consuming a current from 0.055 A to 0.58 A.


  • Engine type: medium power (MP)
  • Gear ratio : 15:1
  • Supply voltage: 3-9 V
  • Speed: 1000 RPM
  • Maximum torque: 0,11 kg*cm
  • Minimum current consumption: 0,055 A
  • Maximum current consumption: 0,58 A
Overloading the motor can destroy the gearbox or shorten its service life. It is recommended not to exceed the load and 1 kg * cm. Do not block the motor shaft as this may damage the gearbox. It is recommended to supply the motors with a current equal to or less than 25% of the specified maximum current.

Supply voltage

Recommended supply voltage for motors is 6 V, but the motors operate without problems in the range from 3 V to 9 V. It is possible to supply the motor with higher voltage, but it reduces the service life of the motor.

Dimensions and weight

All N20 motors have the same dimensions. The metal gear housing has two tapped holes for M1.6 bolts (1.6mm diameter, 0.35mm pitch). The engines weigh approx. 10 g.

Dimensions of N20 micromotors (units in mm).

Types and parameters of N20 engines:

Our offer includes N20 motors with gear ratios from 15: 1 to 380: 1, in versions with a supply voltage of 3 V, 6 V or 12 V.

Gear ratio Type Voltage Rotation speed max. torque min. current max. current Link
15:1 MP 12 V 1000 RPM 0,13 kg*cm 70 mA 0,82 A LINK
6 V 1000 RPM 0,11 kg*cm 55 mA 0,58 A LINK
3 V 1000 RPM 0,09 kg*cm 35 mA 0,29 A LINK
30:1 MP 12 V 500 RPM 0,26 kg*cm 70 mA 0,82 A LINK
6 V 500 RPM 0,22 kg*cm 55 mA 0,58 A LINK
3 V 500 RPM 0,18 kg*cm 35 mA 0,29 A LINK
50:1 MP 12 V 300 RPM 0,43 kg*cm 70 mA 0,82 A LINK
6 V 300 RPM 0,36 kg*cm 55 mA 0,58 A LINK
3 V 300 RPM 0,30 kg*cm 35 mA 0,29 A LINK
100:1 MP 12 V 200 RPM 0,9 kg*cm 70 mA 0,82 A LINK
6 V 200 RPM 0,7 kg*cm 55 mA 0,58 A LINK
3 V 200 RPM 0,6 kg*cm 35 mA 0,29 A LINK
150:1 MP 12 V 100 RPM 1,3 kg*cm 70 mA 0,82 A LINK
6 V 100 RPM 1,1 kg*cm 55 mA 0,58 A LINK
3 V 100 RPM 0,9 kg*cm 35 mA 0,29 A LINK
200:1 MP 12 V 60 RPM 1,7 kg*cm 70 mA 0,82 A LINK
6 V 60 RPM 1,4 kg*cm 55 mA 0,58 A LINK
3 V 60 RPM 1,2 kg*cm 35 mA 0,29 A LINK
250:1 MP 12 V 50 RPM 2,1 kg*cm 70 mA 0,82 A LINK
6 V 50 RPM 1,8 kg*cm 55 mA 0,58 A LINK
3 V 50 RPM 1,5 kg*cm 35 mA 0,29 A LINK
298:1 MP 12 V 30 RPM 2,4 kg*cm 70 mA 0,82 A LINK
6 V 30 RPM 2,0 kg*cm 55 mA 0,58 A LINK
3 V 30 RPM 1,7 kg*cm 35 mA 0,29 A LINK
380:1 MP 12 V 20 RPM 3,0 kg*cm 70 mA 0,82 A LINK
6 V 20 RPM 2,5 kg*cm 55 mA 0,58 A LINK
3 V 15 RPM 2,1 kg*cm 35 mA 0,29 A LINK


Our offer includes wheels suitable for motors with a shaft with a diameter of 3 mm and the shape of the letter "D". There are wheels of various diameters from 32 mm to 90 mm in many colors.

Pololu 32x7mm wheels (black) Pololu 32x7mm wheels (white) Pololu 40x7mm wheels (red)
A list of Pololu wheels with different diameters available in the following colors: white, blue, red, yellow and black


The silicone tracks to match the Pololu miniature motors are available in two lengths: 22T (48mm) and 30T (85mm) and three colors: white, black and red.

Pololu 22T track set (black) Pololu 22T track set (red) Pololu 30T track set (white)


Specially designed brackets matching the miniature Pololu engines will also work well when mounting N20 engines. They are available in two colors: white and black, and in a standard and extended version.

Pololu Miniature Motor Bracket (Black) Pololu Miniature Motor Bracket Pololu (White) Pololu Miniature Motor Bracket extended (White)

Motors drivers

It is not possible to control the motors directly from the microcontroller ports due to the high power consumption. This problem is solved by the motor drivers. Thanks to the controllers, it is possible not only to turn on and only the motors, but also to control their speed and direction of rotation.

Our offer includes a number of drivers for one or two motors. The drivers are available in the form of modules, shield extensions for Arduino and hat extensions for Raspberry Pi.

DC motor controller with DRV8838 Pololu Shield Arduino with dual driver for DC motors with A4990 chip Dual driver for DC motors with DRV8835 chip

Current sensors

Current sensors measure how much current the motors are consuming at a given moment, which allows to determine the load on the motors. Our offer includes sensors with measuring ranges from ± 5 to ± 75.

Current sensor module 0-5A with ACS712-05 chip Current sensor module ± 5A with ACS714 chip Current sensor module ± 15.5A with ACS711EX system

Data sheet

DC motor power
Gear material
Gear ratio
Rotation speed
Shaft diameter
3 mm
Shaft shape
Obustronny wał silnika
Power supply voltage

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