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Akyga Surge Protector 5 sockets / 2 USB / 1.5m

Akyga surge suppressor strip, sockets, 2 USB sockets, CEE 7/7, 1.5m circuit breaker. AK-SP-05U

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Akyga overvoltage protection strip with 25ns response time, designed to protect electronic devices against basic power problems, especially in the case of voltage surges.

Voltage problems can occur at the least expected time and can result in the loss of unsaved work sessions, loss of important data, and in the worst case, permanent damage to the equipment. For this reason, even with enough sockets, it's a good idea to fit your range with a decent surge protector that will protect computers and other devices such as televisions, stereo or audio-video equipment. The AK-SP-05U strip, besides the five basic power sockets for French CEE 7/5 plugs, also has two USB sockets that allow you to charge smartphones, tablets and other portable devices, thus protecting against damage, high frequency noise, short circuits and overloads up to seven devices simultaneously with a maximum load of 2000W. The maximum pulse current is 4500A. The strip has a manual switch that allows you to cut off the power supply without disconnecting the cable from the network.

The cable with a length of 1.5 m will be useful in conditions of difficult access to the power source.


  • Product type: Power strip
  • Series: Overvoltage
  • Socket type: French type plug (with pin) CEE 7/5
  • Number of sockets: 5
  • USB connection: 2 pcs
  • USB power parameters: 5V / 2A
  • Mechanical switch: Yes
  • Grounding: Yes
  • Cable length: 1.5m
  • Anti-interference protection: Yes
  • RFI filtration: Up to 10 dB
  • Maximum energy absorption: 150 J
  • Fuse: Yes
  • Response time: 25 ns
  • Maximum impulse current: 4500A
  • Maximum load: 2000W
  • Material: ABS
  • Color of product: Black
  • CE compliance: Yes
  • FCC compliance: No
  • RoHS Compliance: Yes
  • Compliance with REACH: Yes
  • Working temperature: 5~50 ° C
  • Product dimensions: 300 x 92 x 48 mm
  • Net weight: 338.9 g