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RPLIDAR A2M8 - Laser LIDAR 360 degree scanner

Laser scanner (Lidar) 360 degrees with a measurement frequency of 10 Hz and 8000 measurements / second. It reaches a range of up to 12 m and a measurement error of 1%. Sparkfun SEN14756

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RPLIDAR A2 is the next generation of SLAMTEC's RPLIDAR laser scanner. The scanner performs measurements in one plane (2D). By default, the sensor performs measurements at a frequency of 10 Hz and a resolution of 0.9 degrees, which gives about 8,000 samples per second. The rangefinder has a range of up to 12 m and is ideally suited for use in SLAM algorithms to determine the orientation of the robot in space, to create maps of the terrain in which it is located, to detect objects before the robot and to plan the route of the robot. The user can define the frequency of measurements in the range of 5 ... 15 Hz.


  • Rangefinder range: 0.15 ... 12 m (18 m after calibration)
  • Visibility of the measurement field: 360 degrees
  • Measurement error at 1%
  • Measuring resolution: 0.9 degrees
  • The time of performing a single measurement: 0.25 ms
  • Scan frequency: 10 Hz
  • Weight: 340 g


  • RPLIDAR A2 laser scanner
  • Adapter and USB microUSB cable
  • Power adapter (US plug)