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Gravity: VL53L0X ToF Laser Range Finder - laser distance sensor

VL53L0X ToF Laser Range Finder is a laser distance sensor using the ToF (Time of Flight) measurement technique. The module is supplied with 3.3 ... 5 V voltage and can measure up to 2 m. DFRobot SEN0245

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Data sheet

Type of sensorToF
Minimum distance3 cm
Maximum distance200 cm

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The VL53L0X ToF Laser Range Finder is a laser distance sensor based on the ToF (Time of Flight) technique. The ToF method consists in measuring the time from emitting a pulse from the infrared laser to its return to the detector. Thanks to this technique, the VL53L0X sensor enables accurate measurements regardless of the color or reflection of the light from the object. The module has a range of up to 2 m with an accuracy of 3%. It can be supplied with voltage in the range of 3.3 ... 5 V. Communication with the sensor takes place via the I2C interface. Robotics or devices requiring precise measurements can be used. The sensor can detect simple hand gestures.

The product is compatible with Arduino boards and has a library prepared for Arduino IDE.


  • Based on the VL53L0X chip
  • The length of the emitted wave: 940 nm
  • Range: 3-200 cm
  • Viewing angle: 25 °
  • Accuracy of measurements: ± 3%
  • Sampling time: <= 30ms
  • Interface: I2C
  • Gravity connector
  • Operating temperature: -20-70 ° C
  • Supply voltage: 3.3 ... 5 V
  • Module dimensions: 20 x 22 mm


  • VL53L0X ToF Laser Range Finder module
  • Connecting cable Gravity (30 cm)