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Reduced price! WEP 853D5A - hotair soldering station and 75W soldering iron View larger

WEP 853D5A - soldering station and soldering iron 75W

Soldering station with a soldering iron (100 ° C ... 480 ° C) and a soldering iron with a power of 75W (200 ° C ... 480 ° C). It has 4 LED displays, a 30V 5A service power supply, and a set of 4 nozzles

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Data sheet

Temperatura HotAir100 - 480 °C
Typ stacji3w1 (lutownica grotowa, hotair, zasilacz)
Power75 W
Temperatura lutownicy grotowej 200 - 480 °C

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WEP 853D5A soldering station has:

  • Hot air, used for desoldering and soldering electronic circuits, eg BGA, SMD etc. The source of air is a fan
  • A more powerful ground tip flask in yellow and blue with a power of 75W (the original Hakko heating element of Japanese production)
  • 30V 5A service power supply with full voltage regulation. The LED display shows voltage and current

The station has built-in 4 LED displays informing about the set temperature of hot air and the mainsail, voltage and current. The station also has adjustable Hotair blow force.

The WEP 853D5A station is designed ESDSafe antistatic which protects the soldered parts from damage.

All modules of the station, ie the grinder, Hotair and the power supply can work independently of each other.

The station is additionally equipped with an automatic cooling system after finishing work. It effectively extends the life of the heating element.

Thanks to the high power of 75W and the heating speed, the soldering station is suitable for lead-free soldering in lead free soldering.

The station has a solid metal housing. Air exhaust is realized through a fan, thanks to which we are sure of a long-lasting, trouble-free operation with the stability of the blow-in force.


  • Solid and ergonomic housing
  • Processor control high working stability, longer life of heating elements, energy saving
  • Standby state
  • It remembers the last set temperature

Hotair soldering iron

  • Air flow: brushless fan
  • Air flow: <120 L / min
  • Temperature range: 100 ° C ... 480 ° C
  • Temperature stability: +/- 1 ° C
  • Display type: LED display

Soldering tip

  • Temperature range: 200 ° C ... 480 ° C
  • Temperature stability: +/- 1 ° C
  • Earth voltage type: <2 mV
  • Earth impedance
  • Display type: LED display
  • Heating element: ceramic

Service power supply

  • Output voltage: 0 ~ 30 V
  • Output current: 0 ~ 5 A adjustable
  • Current measurement mode: mA / A
  • Operating mode: Testowy / Zasilacz
  • Temperature coefficient: <300 ppm / ° C
  • DB ripple: <1 mvrms (virtual value)
  • Regulation: coarse / fine
  • Display type: LED display

What's included

  • WEP 853D5A station
  • Stand for the hotair flask
  • A set of nozzles:
    • circular nozzle with a diameter of 4.4 mm
    • round nozzle with a diameter of 7 mm
    • round nozzle with a diameter of 9 mm
    • square nozzle type BGA 12x12 mm
  • Stand for the tipped flask with a cleaning sponge
  • Grinding flask with TI tip
  • Cables for the power supply